‘Technically skilled, intriguing, beautiful.’
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London based, Bristol raised, Famie Fairnie sees herself working as ‘a visual dj’, layering, mixing and juxtaposing to create new and exciting work.

Fascinated by the emotions of everyday life, her work opens conversations. She is at once able to connect with her audience; easily relating, telling stories, yet challenging and provoking.

Drawing and painting with her late father Steve Fairnie (MA Royal College of Art), Famie’s journey took a new path following his early and unexpected death in 1993. She was just eight years old. But pencils and paint, plus the powerful influence of her father’s work, enabled Famie’s creativity to flourish. In 1995 she was awarded the prestigious Roger Fry Art Scholarship.

A graduate of London’s Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and the New York Academy of Arts, Famie employs the Dadaist concept using found objects and images, combining them with childhood drawings, old notes, poetry and hidden messages. Faded postcards, old letters and lyrics express the intensity of love and anger, pleasure and pain, as the words fly from hearts to paper.

Artists who loved the street and its urban language, among them Picasso, Brassai, Tapies, Banksy and photographer Ben Watts, have also inspired her work.

Famie’s hallmarks continue to be vulnerability, strength and vision. Sensitive, emotional and personal secrets are hidden in her art.